. Skaters are becoming very popular in cultural advertising. So the kids are already having an image of themselves when they start and think I‘m gonna be this cool, I’m gonna wear those clothes, these shoes, the girls are gonna look at me. I’m going to parties. Even in high school it’s different. Everybody always talks about that, but it’s true. There was a time when you got beat up, because you were a skateboarder, but now you beat kids up, because they’re not skateboarders. It’s like we’re becoming bullies. It’s not cool. We look at people and say, they’re not dressed right, fuck them. This guy’s lame, fuck him. We ride past each other and don’t even say “Hi”. Skateboarding is less a community and we’re becomming a community of judgemental, materialistic bullies. I lost my friends because of that. That’s what hurts me the most. I looked up to skaters and slowly started to see some of them as bullies. And I saw their passion turning to greed and then I separated myself from them. Now I’m just back again with my skateboard. It’s just me and I’m trying to find happiness again as an adult. Trying to be responsible, trying to get the stress out of my life. Then I can decide what to do from this new platform.

Jake Johnson (via zacksucks)